Formation and Training Opportunities for New Liturgical Ministers:
Usually held in spring and/or fall.  Will be posted here when they become available.  Contact the coordinator of the ministry you are interested in with any questions.

The Liturgical Ministries help the community celebrate and live the seasons of the Church’s liturgical year.  This includes reflection on the Sunday scriptures and how our daily lives draw meaning and strength from them.  A representative from each of the liturgical ministries comprises the Liturgy Committee who then relate to their ministers special actions and rituals reflected in the various seasons..

Contact: Kate Milchuck
A liturgical ministry which maintains and cleans the linens used during worship
1. A liturgical ministry devoted to the serving of God's people through this behind the scenes
2. A dedication to help keep the linens of the parish in tip=top shape.
Contact: Fr. Christian Shiu, Kathy Booher
God has been calling people to serve him for centuries.. Abraham, Moses, David, Mary... to name a few. Of all the things that Christians do, nothing is more important than celebrating the Eucharistic Liturgy together. Because this is a communal celebration, we need persons to fill many liturgical roles to give God fitting worship. These roles are ones of being prayer leaders. Helping people to pray. From the early days of the Church, people have thought that the priest shouldn't do everything at liturgy and so different kinds of ministers have helped him... deacons, readers, acolytes, music ministers. Servers give of themselves to help the presider and people worship better.  They also receive God's help and blessing.  Servicing is a ministry, not a task, and should always be considered privilege. Parents please click on the Altar Server link below to sign your children up for the ministry and to also check your schedule. 
Calling All Future Altar Servers...
If you are currently in grades 5-12 and would like to be an Altar Server, please sign up!
ANY QUESTIONS? Please talk to Fr. Christian at 847-223-4731 or Kathy Booher at 847-752-8918 or

To work on and with teams and a team member, decorating for the liturgical season of the church year; Advent/Christmas, Ordinary Time (The Sundays of the Church year), Holy Week, Easter, Lent.  The realm of environment is extremely crucial to good celebrations because it provides an attitude that is conducive to the dignity of our worship space.

The core principles of quality, color, form, and function are applied to the worship space, the building of the church, and should be in harmony with each other. 

The environment must not only be appropriate for celebration but also be supportive of participation:  "Let great care be taken that (churches) be suitable for the celebration of liturgical services and for the active participation of the faithful." (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, #124.)

To provide our worshipping community Eucharistic Bread, which according to the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (2003): “The bread for celebrating the Eucharist must be made only from wheat, must be recently baked, and, according to the ancient tradition of the Latin Church, must be unleavened” (par.. 320)

To assist in the distribution of the Body and Blood of the Lord during Mass and to be a witness of love and service to the community as reflected in the Eucharist.

The liturgical ministry of Eucharistic minister is an active and vital part of worship here at Saint Gilbert. You have been called to an important ministry the Church has to offer.  Your ministry is in relationship to the whole community whenever we gather as an assembly for our Eucharist Liturgy (Mass). 


First and foremost we are a welcoming community to all those who wish to pray with us. This crucial ministry sets the tone for the place where we are most welcomed-our participation in the Eucharist.  This ministry creates an atmosphere that is conducive to the act of worship.

Perhaps most important of all, this ministry contributes toward the total experience of worship. This is our home.  We are members of this worshipping community and role models for each other; singing, praying and actively listening with everyone as a faith community.

Assist in the preparation of the Mass (bread, wine, special items); aid in the orderly distribution of communion; assist servers as needed and cleanse the vessels after Mass.

Ministers of Care bring the Eucharist to home-bound parishioners after Sunday Mass.  They are dismissed from each celebration and travel to the home of the sick to share scripture of the day and the Eucharist.


In this ministry you are called to proclaim the message of our Lord, through the use of Sacred Scripture—done in the midst of the people assembled for the Eucharist Liturgy (Mass).  You will give public witness to your faith and belief in Jesus.  It is this witness that we wish you to share with our fellow parishioners at Saint Gilbert.  As a reader (lector) you are a servant to the listening assembly (which means, in Greek, ecclesia—the Church).  The reading of Sacred Scripture in your life is and must be a continual objective. You will be telling the community its greatest stories of faith which need to be told and proclaimed, not merely read.

Music is in integral part of our worship.  Your talents are needed for us to be as effective as we can be for the glory of God and for the worship of our parish.  It is a rewarding call to serve the Lord.  It's also enjoyable!
Universal Prayer Scribe
Contact: Fr. John Chrzan
(847) 223-4731
To provide our parish worshipping community Universal Prayer (Prayers of the Faithful) at all weekend liturgies, that reflect scripture, current community needs and universal human needs
Contact:Dave Rennolds         
This ministry helps create an environment of welcome as people enter and leave the church.  Ushers take up the collection; coordinate families in bringing the gift to the altar; keep a watchful eye during Mass and assist in any emergency; and distribute bulletins after Mass.

Ushers are expected to be present fifteen minutes before Mass and have a pleasant demeanor. They are also expected to remain after Mass to straighten-up.  Children can distribute bulletins after Mass.  Virtus training is required for adults.

Frequency:  Weekly Sunday Masses.