Contact:     Andrea Baczek


These individual ministers gather at the entrances to distribute the music worship aide to community members, guests and friends as they enter the worship space. A knowledge of the space is important, (i.e. where the restrooms are located, where drinking fountains can be found, or special rooms, etc.).  These individuals arrive at least 15 minutes before each celebration of the Liturgy. Those who accept this ministry call, is one who is cheerful, knowledgeable of the space and greets with a welcoming smile.


This ministry should have sufficient members on hand so that the activity of welcoming can take place smoothly as the person enters the worship space.  Families can be greeters, as long as the children are of an age to help with the process.


This ministry is a three year term, renewable. Greeters are scheduled as needed throughout the year, ideally twice a month.  There will be special occasions that will need Greeters to welcome, and provide a sense of hospitality.