St. Gilbert Parish Eucharistic Ministers

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altarThe Eucharistic Ministers assist with the distribution of Holy Communion.  Candidates for this ministry should be active members of St. Gilbert Parish and earnest about the ministry.  Candidates are "called" to this ministry by another Eucharistic Minister or by a parish staff member and granted approval by the parish Staff.  Since this ministry calls for the administering of the precious Body and Blood of Our Lord, the candidate must be willing to attend a training program.  

This program offered by the ministry commission or by the parish includes a session on the history of the Eucharist, and a presentation of the method of proper presentation of the Body and Blood.  After training and acceptance, the candidate is formally mandated by the Archdiocese, during a Sunday Mass designated by the pastor, to perform this ministry in our parish.  Those who have been previously mandated in another parish or dioceses need only inform the pastor to continue this ministry at St. Gilbert.

Euchristic Ministers Schedules   5:00pm Mass, April 2014 through June 2014
    7:30am Mass, April 2014 through June 2014
    9:00am Mass, April 2014 through June 2014
    10:45am Mass, April 2014 through June 2014
    12:15pm Mass, April 2014 through June 2014
Sacristan Duties with Mass Coordinator
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