St. Gilbert Parish Mother's of Young Children Ministry

Contact: Lisa Pederson


(847) 223-4731

The goal of the Mothers of Young Children Ministry is to provide spiritual, social, and developmental opportunities for moms of children who have not yet entered Kindergarten. The group is a means for young families to become more connected with the parish and allows us to focus on our contributions to St. Gilbert and its community through volunteer and organized events.  Our purpose is to support each other, to provide a forum for discussion of Moms’ issues, and to share ideas about introducing faith and Catholic beliefs into the lives of our children.  We meet one evening every month for discussion and to read and reflect on Scripture readings for the following Sunday.  Additionally, we have weekly playgroups, monthly Bible studies, a Mom's night out, and family events, such as our Easter Egg Hunt.

We hope you can join us on our journey through motherhood and faith.

Contact information:
Lisa Pederson