Father John Chrzan St. Gilbert Weekly Pastor Message (847) 223-4731

Dear Parishioners,

The Book of Ecclesiastes (3:1-15) teaches that a time and season for every human affair under heaven has been ordered by God according to God's infinite wisdom.  If I may paraphrase the Good Book I would offer this addition: there's a time for all manner of work and a time for rest and recreation, a time for studying and a time for relaxation.  The past several weeks of summer provided a grace-filled interval of enjoyment, and time for the new school year has arrived!

Classes begin at Saint Gilbert School on Thursday, August 21, and along with Mr. Tekampe, faculty and staff, Fr. Phi and I look forward to welcoming our students and families for a great year ahead as the School celebrates the 70th anniversary of its foundation. 

We likewise join Sr. Donna Schmitt, catechists and staff of the Religious Education Program in welcoming our Catechism students and families for a wonderful year of learning and growing in the faith.  Classes in the REP begin September 7 for the Sunday group, and September 8 for the Monday group.

These and other educational ministries help with the foremost responsibility of passing the faith along to our children and young people, and we know how many dedicated people working long hours it takes to plan, organize and realize them.  We're grateful for everything our teachers, catechists and staff do for the children of St Gilbert's.  Certainly these efforts are only possible with the generous support of the parents and families of our community who treasure their faith in Christ and keep it the central focus of their lives together.

I look forward to meeting our School and REP students and families, as well as the teens in Youth Ministry (Life Teen Mass and Fall Kick-Off is next Sunday—see page 5), our SPRED community, which is participating in next Sunday’s 10:45am Mass (see page 4) and others.  With God's blessings, let's have a safe and excellent school year!


Fr.  John