Father John Chrzan St. Gilbert Weekly Pastor Message (847) 223-4731

Dear Parishioners,

St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430) is often credited with coining the popular phrase, the one who sings prays twice.  This is probably a distillation of what Augustine actually wrote in his Commentary on Psalm 72:  "For he who sings praise, does not only praise but also praises joyfully; he who sings praise, not only sings but also loves Him about whom he is singing.  There is a praise-filled public proclamation in the praise of someone who is acknowledging God, for in the song of the lover, there is love."

God deserves our praise and thanks, whether expressed in song, spoken word or nonverbal gesture.  All three of these elements are incorporated into the Church's ancient liturgy and serve to move us deeper into the mystery, majesty and beauty of the Divine.  The Third Eucharistic Prayer itself reminds worshipers that God is indeed holy and all He has created rightly gives Him praise.  I'm pleased to see how fittingly the Eucharist is celebrated here at Saint Gilbert's.  In order to further enhance our experience of praising God in song and through His Word, we've decided to acquire new songbooks and Scripture reading books.

We are arranging to purchase 650 Gather hymnals for the Church and Chapel, as well as 650 Sunday’s Word Scripture reading booklets, which include all  the Sunday readings for the liturgical year.  Each hymnal is priced at $30, and you are welcome to donate as many as you like.  You can dedicate each hymnal you donate to the memory of a loved one, or to honor family members or friends.  Some families may contribute a hymnal simply as part of their parish stewardship plan.  Whatever the means, your kindness and generosity to Saint Gilbert's helps us continue building God's Kingdom in our midst by enhancing our experience of worship as we lift up voices and hearts to God in joyful praise.

We expect the new hymnals to be in the pews and ready for use by Sunday, November 30, 2014, the first Sunday of Advent.

Thank you for considering a contribution to support the purchase of our new hymnals and books of Scripture readings.  If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the parish business office at 847-223-4371.  Starting early next month, donation envelopes will be available in the book racks at the entrances to Church and will be provided in the Sunday bulletins over the weekends of October 4th-5th, October 18th-19th and November 1st-2nd.  As always, please watch the bulletin and website for further details.


Fr.  John